Asian and migrant health publications

Health needs analysis


Asian Health in Aotearoa in 2006–2007: trends since 2002–2003 (pdf, 2.2 MB)
The results of this report provide an overview of the health status of Asian communities in 2006–07, in comparison with the rest of the New Zealand population; and at the same time provide information on trends in health status among the Asian communities since 2002–03. The large number of Asian participants has allowed analyses of the health status of the main Asian communities – Chinese, South Asian and Other Asian. The topics included in this report include: socio-demographic status; health risk and protective factors (lifestyle), chronic disease and utilisation of health services. It is the first report to describe national data on the health status of children from the main Asian communities in New Zealand.

Health Needs Assessment for Asian People in Waitemata (pdf, 1.2 MB)
The purpose of this report is to identify the health needs of Asian people living in Waitemata, including the differences and inequalities in health status and health services utilisation between Asian and European/Other ethnic groups and within the Asian ethnic group.

Health Needs Assessment for Asian People in Counties Manukau (pdf, 2.2 MB)
The Asian people in Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB) are a culturally diverse group with each ethnic group having its own language, customs, traditions and health issues. The aim of this report was to produce a selective Health Needs Assessment (HNA) of the Asian population, including the differences and inequalities in health status between the main Asian ethnic groups living in CMDHB.

Health needs assessment of Asian people living in the Auckland region (pdf 4.9 MB)
The purpose of this report is to identify the health needs, including inequalities in health status, of the main Asian ethnic groups living in the Auckland region. It includes analyses of health issues that have not previously been addressed in relation to Asian communities in Auckland, such as health of older people, family violence, patient safety and disability.

Asian Health Chart Book
The Asian Health Chart Book 2006 is one of a series of monitoring reports being produced by Public Health Intelligence, the epidemiology group of the Ministry of Health, on the health of different ethnic groups. It is the first report to provide comprehensive information on the health of Asian New Zealanders.

Asian Public Health Project Report (pdf, 819 KB)
Compiled by the Asian Public Health Project Team to assess Asian public health needs for the Auckland region

A health profile of young Asian New Zealanders who attend secondary school (pdf, 2.71 MB)
This report presents selected findings for young ‘Asian’ New Zealanders from the Youth 2000 national secondary school youth health survey.

Health Navigator
This website provides translated health education and information brochures.

Asian Health Research Review
The population of Asian ethnic groups in New Zealand has increased considerably over recent decades. Their health issues, sources of resilience and diverse experiences are relevant to the communities involved as well as service providers and the wider society. The Asian Health Research Review brings the latest research on the health and wellbeing of Asians in New Zealand together with local commentary.

Middle Eastern, Latin American and African people

Health Needs Assessment of Middle Eastern, Latin American and African People Living in the Auckland Region (PDF, 5.6 MB)
In 2006, 1 percent of the New Zealand population identified as MELAA and half of them lived in Auckland. They are one of the fastest growing population groups and has unique health needs not entirely met by mainstream health services.


Adults and children who enter New Zealand as immigrants require assessment in regard to their vaccination requirements. See Immunisation of special groups in the Immunisation Handbook.

Mental health

Mental Health Issues for Asians in New Zealand: A Literature Review
Completing the first phase of a three-phase Asian project, this review was commissioned by the Mental Health Commissioner in response to changes in the New Zealand population over the previous 15 years. It highlights the importance of improving the responsiveness of mental health services to the needs of Asian people. The review covers literature published since 1990 on Asian immigrants, refugees and foreign fee-paying students in New Zealand, addresses five key topics, and is substantiated by a 15-page bibliography.

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