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  • Published 02 May 2009
    This document summarises the findings in Nursing Services in New Zealand Secondary Schools. View the full report - Nursing Services in New Zealand Secondary Schools.
  • Published 02 March 2009
    For a number of years there has been concern about the gap in second-level clinical support for registered nurses. A Nursing Advisory Committee was set up by the Ministry of Health to advise the Director General of Health on the clinical workforce to support registered nurses.
  • Published 02 February 2009
    Health services, often nursing, have always had a presence in schools although these services have often been sporadic. Little is known about the roles, responsibilities and education of current school nurses.
  • Published 02 February 2009
    This report outlines the development of primary health care nursing in New Zealand since the introduction of the Primary Health Care Strategy (PHCS) in 2001 (Minister of Health 2001). The report is part of the Evaluation of the Implementation and Intermediate Outcomes of the Primary Health Care Strategy undertaken between 2003 and 2008 by the Health Services Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, and CBG Health Research Limited, Auckland.
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    Published 02 November 2008
    A National Professional Development Framework for Palliative Care Nursing Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand describes the competencies required for all nurses to provide palliative care across a range of clinical settings.
  • Published 02 September 2008
    Rural Nursing: Aspects of Practice will be of interest to nurses, nursing students, nurse educators, nursing service providers, nursing and primary health care managers, researchers and policy makers.
  • Published 02 September 2007
    Eleven nursing innovations supporting the development of new models of primary care nursing practice and fostering nurse leadership were funded by the Ministry of Health from January 2004 to mid-2006.
  • Published 02 July 2006
    The National Primary Medical Care Survey was undertaken to describe primary health care in New Zealand. 167 nurses associated with medical practitioners in general practices and A&M clinics completed questionnaires on the different activities they undertook, and the degree of independence they had to do so. Patient log and visit data was also collected by 28 nurses in community-governed practices.
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