Chief Nursing Officer

The role of Chief Nursing Officer

The Chief Nursing Officer leads the Office of the Chief Nursing Officer Business Unit within the Ministry of Health.

The Chief Nursing Officer is part of the Executive Leadership Team, reflecting the importance of clinical leadership in the health system.

The Chief Nursing Officer:

  • provides expert advice on nursing to Government and helps to develop, implement and evaluate Government health policy, leading on nursing policy and strategy in support of the Government's objectives
  • provides professional leadership to the nursing profession in New Zealand working closely with nurse leaders within the health sector, the professional statutory bodies, professional and staff associations and unions, DHB Chief Executives and managers, and the voluntary and independent sectors
  • ensures an effective New Zealand contribution to nursing and health policy in international fora, including the World Health Organisation, the Western Pacific Region, and close association with Australian colleagues through the ANZCCNMO (Australian and New Zealand Council of Chief Nurses and Midwifery Officers).

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