National Telehealth Service

The National Telehealth Service provides an integrated platform for people to access virtual health information, advice and support from trained health professionals.

The service launched in November 2015 to bring together a number of Ministry-funded health advice phone lines and provide a clinical and technology platform for service integration and innovation in virtual digital health services.

Latest update

Multi-year evaluation of the National Telehealth Service

The Ministry has commissioned a multi-year evaluation of the National Telehealth Service (NTS). The evaluation is comprised of three phases: the post-implementation review, evaluation of Healthline and injury related services and evaluation of mental health and addiction services.

1. Post-Implementation Review

The first phase report of the evaluation, a post-implementation review was completed in December 2017. The post-implementation review assessed transition from the previous service providers to the integrated National Telehealth Service platform, and implementation of the service for the first 12 months of operation (up to October 2016)

The first report, the Post-implementation Review Report and the accompanying Technical Appendices for the Post-Implementation Review, are available for download below.

2. Evaluation of Healthline and injury-related services

The second phase report is available for download below. A copy of the accompanying Technical Appendices for this report are available on request.

3. Evaluation of Mental Health and Addiction Services

The third phase of the evaluation focusing on mental health and addiction services is currently underway and due to report back in late 2019.

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