Lifehack: a youth approach to wellbeing

Lifehack has developed through the Social Media Innovations Fund, which is part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project. The fund was established to support innovative use of social media technology to improve youth mental health and emotional wellbeing.

About Lifehack

Lifehack Southland – Youth Week 2014

Background to Lifehack

The way young people interact and share information has changed dramatically over the last few years with the growth of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The rapid uptake of smartphone technology has meant that a wide range of online and offline applications are increasingly available anytime, anywhere.

Regular Lifehack events are held around New Zealand, bringing young people together to collaborate on social media projects that promote young people’s wellbeing. Lifehack then supports participants from the weekends to develop their projects further. Some are invited into Lifehack Labs, where specialists work with the young people to prototype and test their ideas, and develop them into digital solutions.

For more information about Lifehack, visit the Lifehack website or follow Lifehack on Twitter. Or check out Lifehack on Facebook for latest events.

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