Cross-government programmes contributing to preventing suicide

Initiatives in the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan sit alongside other work programmes across government that share a focus on the risk and protective factors for suicide.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project

Aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 to 19 years with, or at risk of developing, mild to moderate mental health issues.

Mental Health and Addiction Service Development Plan

Within the health domain, Rising to the Challenge – the Mental Health and Addiction Service Development Plan 2012–2017 articulates Ministry of Health, DHB and NGO responsibilities for activities contributing to preventing suicide.

Whānau Ora

Building whānau resilience and encouraging whānau solutions to whānau problems.

Children’s Action Plan

Implementing changes in the White Paper for Vulnerable Children and the Children's Action Plan to better identify, support and protect vulnerable children.

Family Violence

A whole of government approach to address family violence, including abuse and neglect of children and older persons. For more information see

Government Action Strategy on Tackling Gangs

A multi-agency approach to tackle and prevent gang crime, and to reduce the harm it causes to families and communities.

The Prime Minister’s Methamphetamine Action Plan

Improving addiction treatment and support for people concerned about their own or someone else’s methamphetamine use.

Youth Crime Action Plan

Developing effective responses to youth crime issues.

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