Youth 2012 Exploration of Youth Participation in Gambling

Research Organisation: University of Auckland
Primary contact: Shireen Nanayakkara-McDonald

Contract Value: $221,000 (excluding GST)
Contract Start date: 1 July 2012
Contract End date: 30 June 2014

Summary of project/aims

This survey is part of series of larger surveys that aim to provide information on the health and wellbeing of young people attending New Zealand secondary schools. The current survey was conducted in 2012 and involved questions about gambling along with for example, ethnicity and culture, physical health, food and activities, substance use, sexual health, injuries and violence, home and family health.

The questions about gambling seek to provide information on frequency and intensity of participation in gambling by youth, views and attitudes towards gambling, and impacts of gambling on self, peers, and family. Other aims include identifying which groups of students are at higher risk of harmful gambling behaviour/practices, protective factors, and changes over time in gambling behaviour by comparing youth 2007 and 2012 survey data.

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