National Problem Gambling Intervention Effectiveness

Research organisation: Auckland University of Technology
Principal researcher: Prof Max Abbott

Contract value: $1,098,146.00 (excluding GST)
Contract start date: 20 January 2009
Contract end date: 30 January 2013

Summary of project/aims

AUT was contracted by the Ministry of Health in January 2009 to deliver a study of the effectiveness of interventions for problem gambling. Five key aims were agreed for this project. AUT is contracted to:

  • generate reliable findings on the effectiveness of intervention services in producing positive outcomes on a range of measures and impact on others
  • increase the body of evidence available on the clinical effectiveness of common problem gambling intervention practices in New Zealand and inform future clinical practice
  • compare the effectiveness (on a range of outcomes) of common problem gambling interventions in New Zealand with common problem gambling intervention practices that have been validated internationally, including pharmaceutical interventions
  • identify client characteristics that mitigate the effectiveness of validated interventions, with particular attention to client ethnicity and primary gambling mode
  • develop a potential two stage research proposal that builds upon this project to provide additional evidence on the long-term effectiveness and outcomes of the treatment under trial.

Final report

Download the full report for this project:

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