Investigation into the Effect of Gambling Game Characteristics, PIDS and Pop-up Technology on Gambling and Problem Gambling Behaviour

Research Organisation: Auckland University of Technology
Primary contact: Dr Jason Landon

Contract Value: $335,600 (excl GST)
Contract Start date: 20 June 2010
Contract End date: 30 May 2014

Summary of project/aims


This research was carried out to understand the impacts of PIDs and pop-up messages, and to explore the effects of EGM game characteristics and casino table game characteristics, on gambler behaviour and gambling-related harms.


There is a strong relationship between Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) and problem-gambling with a range of activities used to try and address this relationship.  These include regulations to limit the availability and promotion of EGMs and the use of public education campaigns to raise awareness of the harms associated with excessive use of EGMs.  Other approaches have included modifying the characteristics and features of EGMs to try and make them safer.  As part of this latter approach, pop-up messages and player information display systems (PIDs) have been introduced to all EGMs in New Zealand.  Pop-up messages are an automatic message presented on the EGM screen that shows the time and money a gambler has spent on gambling in the current session.  Pop-up messages create a brief compulsory break in play, while PIDs are a voluntary feature whereby gamblers can access the same information at any time while they are gambling. 

Final Report

The final report is now available.

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