Formative Investigation between gambling (including PG) and Crime in NZ

Research Organisation: Auckland University of Technology (
Principal Researcher: Dr Maria Bellringer

Contract Value: $130,000.00 [excluding GST]
Contract Start date: 15 November 2006
Contract End date: 30 April 2008

Summary of project/aims

The aim of this project was to carry out a formative investigation of the link between gambling (including problem gambling) and crime in New Zealand. Problem gambling has been linked with a range of crimes and the purpose of this project is to develop a better understanding of the nature of these links with particular reference to unreported crime, and the nature of the resulting harms experienced by individuals, families/whānau, and communities in New Zealand. This project will be informative for service and policy development, the direction of research, and the development of methodologies for monitoring gambling harm in New Zealand.

Final Report:The report was finalised on 3 February 2009

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