Effectiveness of Intervention Services for Problem Gambling

Research Organisation: The University of Auckland
Principal Researcher: Dr. Samson Tse

Contract Value: $450,000.00 [excluding GST]

Contract Start date: 01 March 2006
Contract End date: 30 June 2007

Summary of project/aims

In March 2006 the Ministry contracted for services to provide a better understanding of the range of treatment approaches used in New Zealand, and whom they are effective for. This project aimed to:

  • identify different problem gambling intervention services that are representative of the range of services in New Zealand
  • analyse the range of tasks and therapeutic techniques undertaken by practitioners in problem gambling services
  • identify important features of these problem gambling intervention services as perceived by clients (people who gamble, and their family/whänau)
  • explore differences, in terms of perceived effectiveness, between clients who attend one session only, and clients who attend three or more sessions
  • assess the effectiveness of two interventions (broadly representing intervention services in New Zealand)
  • assess whether these interventions are effective in controlling gambling behaviours, and reducing the harm caused by problem gambling
  • quantify the effectiveness, and relative effectiveness, of the interventions
  • provide preliminary information on the relative effectiveness of the interventions for ethnic groups (NZ European, Maori, Pacific and Asian).

Final Report: Report finalised on 14 November 2008

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