In the Ministry’s Strategic Plan, Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm 2010/11 – 2015/16, Objective Eleven, the Ministry notes its intention to develop a programme of research and evaluation. The 2013/14 – 2015/16 Service Plan outlines funding for evaluation of problem gambling intervention services.

Evaluation and Clinical Audit of Problem Gambling Intervention and Public Health Services

The Ministry of Health funds a range of problem gambling intervention services in recognition of the diverse situations, and points of readiness to change, people with gambling problems are at in their lives. Additional to problem gambling intervention services, the Ministry funds a range of public health services focused on preventing, reducing or minimising gambling harm.

This evaluation and clinical audit assesses the effectiveness of four Ministry funded problem gambling intervention services (Brief Intervention, Full Intervention, Facilitation Services, Follow-up Services) and five public health services (Policy Development and Implementation, Safe gambling environments, Supportive communities, Aware communities, effective Screening Environments).

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Evaluation of Intervention Services

In 2007 the Ministry reviewed the problem gambling intervention service delivery model and revised the service specifications for intervention services. Intervention services were contracted to deliver against the new service specifications from 1 January 2008.

To assess the effectiveness and impact of the new service model the Ministry identified three priority evaluation projects for the 2008/09 financial year. These projects are:

  • review and analysis of national service and client data to inform workforce development, Ministry systems review, and further evaluation projects
  • Assessment and review of the effect of different pathways to problem gambling services on client outcomes and service delivery
  • Assessment and review of distinct Interventions
  • Review of the Implementation of Facilitation Services.

The Ministry contracted for evaluation services for these projects in September 2008. Read more about this project: Evaluation of Problem Gambling Intervention Services.

Evaluation of Public Health Services

The Ministry has not yet finalised an agenda for evaluation of problem gambling public health services. It is anticipated that this work will be informed by and align to the public health workforce development project.

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures: Research (SOPr)

The Ministry is in the process of revising its standard operating procedures for managing problem gambling research contracts (SOPr).

The SOPr supplements the standard operating procedures for contract management (SOP).

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