Procurement and process

The Ministry of Health has an established Buying Goods & Services Policy that it must adhere to when undertaking procurement of services.

In addition the Ministry is also bound by other State Sector Purchasing Policies, eg: ‘Treasury Guidelines for Contracting with NGOs’.

New services are generally purchased via an open and contestable process which is advertised and processed through the State Sector Government Electronic Tender Service website (GETS).

Ministry procurement is governed by the following principles:


  • be accountable for performance and able to give complete and accurate accounts of how public funds have been used, including funds passed on to others for particular purposes
  • ensuring suitable governance and management arrangements in place to oversee funding arrangements


  • transparency in administration of funds

Value for Money

  • use resources effectively, economically and without waste
  • due regard for total costs and benefits over the whole life of an arrangement and its contribution to the strategic outcomes the entity is trying to achieve
  • take into account possible economies of scale and increased purchasing power
  • maximisation of operational efficiency and improving the Ministry’s business capabilities


  • act within the law and meet legal obligations


  • full and fair opportunity for domestic and international suppliers
  • open, effective and fair competition between suppliers


  • procurement is conducted with integrity
  • ethical, reasonable and commercially astute behaviour


  • robust documentation of approvals and tender processes
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