Mental health publications

Publications relating to mental health in New Zealand, including suicide prevention and the National Depression Initiative.


  • ASD Diagnostic Instruments Review
    Published 01 April 2011
    This review summarises diagnostic instruments that can be used to aid expert clinical judgment by teams diagnosing ASD
  • Published 02 November 2010
    The action plan describes a work programme of Ministry-led activities through to November 2011. It builds on Te Tahuhu and Te Kokiri, the national strategy and action plan for mental health and addictions to 2015, the considerable gains and improvements that have been made in service delivery, and focuses on consolidating those gains by prioritising some key Ministry-led activities over this time.
  • Published 02 November 2010
    This publication is designed to be used in conjunction with training workshops provided by the New Zealand Association of Opioid Treatment Providers. Its purpose is to provide a national standard for effective and responsive service delivery and to ensure that the skills and attitudes used by the workforce are enhanced to meet the specific needs of clients receiving opioid substitution treatment
  • Published 02 November 2010
    These clinical guidelines provide a framework for the effective, safe and responsive delivery of opioid substitution treatment. These guidelines stress the key principles of safety, stabilisation, assessment and review, treatment planning, clinical case management and integrated treatment.
  • Published 02 November 2010
    These guidelines have been developed for those working with people adversely affected by methamphetamine use. It is a useful resource for frontline workers, including those in mental health services, the police, Department of Corrections, emergency departments, general practitioners, primary health care workers and the specialist addiction treatment sector.
  • Published 02 October 2010
    This is the fifth annual report of the Office of the Director of Mental Health (the Office) and it reflects the Ministry’s ongoing emphasis on transparency, accountability and trust in government and its agencies. Mental health care, in particular compulsory care, is often the subject of public concern. The annual report provides clarity by reporting on the legislative activities of the Office for the 2009 calendar year.
  • Published 02 September 2010
    The publication presents data extracted from the Mental Health Information National Collection, and covers the year ended 30 June 2008. It shows mental health service use in New Zealand.
  • Published 02 April 2010
    Provides details of how and why consumer information is collected by PRIMHD. It also looks at who uses the information, and the privacy rights of consumers under the Health Information Privacy Act 1993
  • Published 02 April 2010
    This service delivery guidance document provides advice to assist mental health and addiction services to enable the provision of more integrated care for people with co-existing mental health and addiction problems. It is designed as a companion to the clinical guidance document Te Ariari o te Oranga: The Assessment and Management of People with Co-existing Mental Health and Addiction Problems.
  • Published 02 April 2010
    The publication presents a clinical framework to assist health professionals working with co-existing substance use and mental health problems (CEP). It is designed as a companion document to the Ministry of Health's guidance, Service Delivery for People with Co-existing Mental Health and Addiction Problems - Integrated Solutions 2010.
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