Mental health publications

Publications relating to mental health in New Zealand, including suicide prevention and the National Depression Initiative.


  • Published 15 April 2016
    In early 2015, there were a number of serious events at the Waikato District Health Board mental health and addiction services. Following these events, Dr John Crawshaw, Director of Mental Health, inspected the services to ensure they are providing a good quality of care to people in the Waikato region. This document is the final report from that inspection.
  • The New Zealand Drug Harm Index 2016.
    Published 07 April 2016
    The New Zealand Drug Harm Index (DHI) measures the impact of interventions designed to reduce the harms associated with illicit drug use. It also provides an estimate of the total harm associated with the use of illicit drugs.
  • Preventing suicide: Guidance for emergency departments
    Published 04 April 2016
    This guidance was developed for emergency department staff, who have the important role of caring for people who present to emergency departments at risk of suicide. The guidance builds on (but does not replace) the 2003 Assessment and Management of People at Risk of Suicide guidelines developed by the New Zealand Guidelines Group and the Ministry of Health.
  • Guide to PRIMHD Activity Collection and Use.
    Published 12 February 2016
    This Guide is intended to support the mental health and addictions sector workforce to capture and record service activity information more accurately. Specific case scenarios have been developed for all current activity codes detailed in the PRIMHD Code Set Standard HISO 10023.3:2015, with a specific focus on clarifying those that have demonstrated inconsistent interpretation. 
  • Publication cover
    Published 03 December 2015
    This is the tenth Annual Report of the Office of the Director of Mental Health. The report presents information and statistics that serve as barometers of quality for our mental health services.
  • publication cover
    Published 29 September 2015
    This guideline covers the implementation of systems, policies and practices to identify and address the needs of children of parents with mental health and or addiction issues.
  • Published 21 September 2015
    The Commissioning Framework for Mental Health and Addiction provides a national commissioning frame for implementing an outcomes-focused approach for mental health and addiction. This draft document has been co-designed with the sector through a broad initial workshop and representation throughout the co-design process. 
  • Publication Cover
    Published 12 June 2015
    This research report explores rehabilitative dental treatment provided to a small group of Māori mental health patients within the Western Bay of Plenty and how this contributes to improved mental health functioning, oral health and quality of life.
  • Publication cover
    Published 12 June 2015
    This evaluation report provides a stocktake of services delivered by the Ministry of Health-funded Kia Piki te Ora Māori suicide prevention service. The report was commissioned in May 2014 and focused on evaluating service delivery for the period July 2010 to December 2013.
  • Published 07 May 2015
    This annual statistical publication presents suicide information received from the New Zealand Mortality Collection, and admissions to hospital for intentional self-harm sourced from the New Zealand National Minimum Dataset.
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