Government Inquiry into Mental health and Addiction

The Government announced the details of the Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction (the Inquiry) on 23 January 2018.

The Inquiry was chaired by former Health and Disability Commissioner, Professor Ron Paterson. The Inquiry report was presented to Government on 28 November 2018. It was publically released on 4 December 2018.

The Ministry of Health welcomes the Inquiry and acknowledges the importance of the independence of the Inquiry.

The Inquiry contained 40 recommendations, which apply to health, the wider sector and society as a whole.

The Inquiry made a number of urgent and early recommendations while recognising many of its recommendations would require detailed reviews, establishing new bodies, consultation with interested parties, or substantive legislative change.

The Ministry will report its progress regularly to responding to the Inquiry’s recommendations on this page.

About the Mental Health & Addiction Health Sector Leadership Group

The Mental Health & Addiction Health Sector Leadership Group (MHAHSLG) has been established to provide advice and support to the Ministry as it works to implement the Inquiry recommendations.

The MHAHSLG’s membership is not fixed, and seeks to have representation from the health sector, people with lived experience, Mâori, non-Government organisations and many other groups.

Minutes from meetings will be posted on the Ministry's website after being reviewed by the MHAHSLG.

The MHAHSLG is one group the Ministry will utilise to ensure it is responding appropriately to any recommendations from the Inquiry. The Ministry will continue to work with non-Government organisations in the mental health sector, representatives of various communities including people with lived experience, Mâori, Pasifika, Rainbow, refugees and others and the communities themselves, other Government agencies and many more.

Documents provided to the Inquiry

The Ministry provided documents to the Inquiry to assist in their process. 

Due to the time-limited nature of the Inquiry, many of these documents were provided in draft form. These documents have been published in the state they were provided to the Inquiry including some .PDFs. All documents and information should be considered to be draft versions, and not as final Government policy, unless otherwise stated.

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