The Ministry of Health, as ‘the Department responsible’, is tasked with the funding and coordination of problem gambling services under the Gambling Act 2003, and assumed responsibility for this role on 1 July 2004.

The Gambling Act requires the development of an integrated problem gambling strategy focused on public health. The Act states that the strategy must include:

Responsibility for this sits with the Addictions team, located in the System Outcomes group of the Ministry’s Service Commissioning Business Unit. The team provides policy analysis, contract management and data and information analysis.

As of 1 July 2016, the Ministry’s work in this area is guided by its Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm 2016/17 to 2018/19, which sets out a high-level framework to guide the structure, delivery and direction of Ministry-funded problem gambling services and activities.

It also outlines strategic alliances with other key stakeholders and organisations with an interest in preventing and minimising gambling harm. This document also sets out the Ministry’s approach to funding and coordinating problem gambling services. These services comprise primary (public health), secondary and tertiary prevention (intervention) services, research, evaluation and workforce development.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the primary regulator of the gambling sector. DIA therefore has a key role in addressing problem gambling through the regulation and enforcement of the supply of gambling opportunities and the manner in which they are provided. It is the Ministry’s intention to keep this website updated with information relevant to the objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan and ongoing work to prevent and minimise gambling harm. Also included will be research reports, consultation documents, manuals and handbooks, presentation data and general service provider updates.

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In this section

  • Information on problem gambling strategy, covering the Gambling Act 2003, the role of central and local government, strategic plans and reporting on outcomes. Read more
  • Information on how the Ministry contracts for problem gambling services, services and programmes we fund, and what we do to support workforce development. Read more
  • The problem gambling levy reimburses the Government for the costs of the problem gambling integrated strategy to prevent and minimise gambling harm. Read more
  • Information on problem gambling service client numbers, demographic data, treatment received and outcome measures. Read more
  • These pages explain how the Ministry implements the requirement in the Gambling Act 2003 for ‘independent scientific research and evaluation’ and the associated Objective 11 in the Integrated Strategy. Read more
  • Publications relating to problem gambling in New Zealand. Read more
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