Department of Internal Affairs gambling industry statistics

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the mandated regulator for gambling activities in New Zealand. As part of its activities, it collects and publishes a range of data about gambling and gaming from the gambling industry.

Data is collected on a wide range of gambling industry activities. Key statistics include:

  • time series data about the amount spent on the four main types of gambling activity in New Zealand
  • various reports on non-casino gaming machine venues, numbers and expenditure by territorial authority/district
  • tables showing the total number of gaming machines, licensed societies, and venues
  • reports by suburb about electronic gaming machine proceeds
  • pie charts showing the total number of gaming machines by society
  • a line graph showing gaming machine numbers at three-monthly intervals (from June 1994)
  • tables of summary data such as gaming machine proceeds.

The information is updated at quarterly intervals. The data represents a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of affairs at the time the statistics were collated. Much of the data is available in various formats, including downloadable Excel CSV files. The information can be found on the DIA website.

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