Second midwife services

Since 1 July 2018 there has been funding available for a new service that can be provided by midwives to support LMC midwives in the provision of labour and birth services. This service will be replaced by the Second midwife support services module on 29 November 2021 when the Primary Maternity services Notice 2021 goes live.


For midwives with an authorisation to claim for maternity services under the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2007 (the 2007 Notice), second midwife services can be provided if there is a need for a second midwife to support safe midwifery care during a labour and birth. 

This service is claimed via the 'Non-LMC labour and birth (rural support)' module. This service will be replaced by the stand-alone 'Second midwife support services' module on 29 November 2021 when the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2021 (the 2021 Notice) goes live.

The Supplement

The second midwife support service was introduced in a Supplement that can be read alongside the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2007.

The Second Midwife Support Services Supplement (PDF, 333 KB) outlines the scope of service provision, and terms that apply to the provision of services and claims for second midwife support.

This is a service by community midwives to support community midwives during labour and birth in special circumstances, such as fatigue of the LMC midwife, to ensure safe midwifery care continues to be provided to the woman.

A Questions and Answers summary (PDF, 700 KB) with examples is available to help clarify how this service works.

Making a claim for second midwife services

A midwife with an authorisation to claim for primary maternity services can submit a claim for payment for the second midwife services through any of the usual mechanisms for claiming for primary maternity services. This includes claiming via vendors, the Ministry’s Online Maternity Claiming service or via paper-based claims.

The claim must be made by the second midwife using the identifier for the 'Non-LMC labour and birth (rural support)' module (the non-LMC rural module). Please note:

  • the non-LMC rural module as defined in the 2007 Notice will continue to apply; and 
  • the second midwife support service will apply on the terms set out in the Supplement. The second midwife service is linked to the non-LMC rural module only for the purposes of making a claim for payment; and 
  • claims for second midwife services delivered under the 2007 Notice (up until and including 28 November 2021) will be accepted for up to 12 months after the date of service as a non-LMC rural module claim; and 
  • from 29 November 2021 second midwife services should be claimed using the 'Second midwife support services' module in the 2021 Notice. 

If you have any questions about this service, please email [email protected].


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