Primary Maternity Services Notice (Section 88)

This notice set out the terms and conditions for payment to Lead Maternity Carers for providing primary maternity services.

Primary Maternity Services Amendment Notice (No 2) 2017

The Minister of Health has notified an amendment to the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2007. For further information view the Section 88 Maternity Notice 2007 and amendment notices 2012, 2016 and 2017.

Guidelines for Consultation with Obstetric and Related Medical Services (Referral Guidelines)

These guidelines provide Lead Maternity Carers with information about the categories of referral, referral pathways and criteria on which LMCs should advise women that a referral is warranted.

Maternity Facility Access Agreement

The Maternity Facility Access Agreement is a contract which sets out the obligations of lead maternity carers accessing DHB maternity facilities when bringing women into hospital for labour and birth services. The Access Agreement, also Schedule 3 Primary Maternity Services Notice 2007, was reviewed in 2006.

Sector Services: Maternity Services

Maternity claims information including a forms guide, error catalogue and sample forms.

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