Review Process – Business Contribution payment

The Ministry wants to ensure that midwives are paid their full entitlement under the Business Contribution Offer. The review process allows a midwife to request a review of the payment category they have been allocated to.

The Business Contribution payment (BC payment) is a payment to Lead Maternity Care midwives providing primary maternity care. This a contribution to their costs of being self-employed. This is the second year of the payment. The funding granted in Budget 2018 for this payment was time limited. No funding was made available for payments after the 2019/20 financial year, which ends on 30 June 2020

There is a tiered structure to the payment amounts.

The following information outlines the process for a midwife to request a review of the BC payment category they were allocated in the BC Offer letter.

The Review Process

The Review Process is for midwives who meet the following criteria (the Criteria).

  1. Received the Business Contribution Offer letter (the BC Offer) from the Ministry of Health
  2. Have a current authorisation to provide primary maternity services under the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2007 (an Authorisation) as at the date of the Letter of Offer to them
  3. Intend to continue to provide primary maternity services as indicated by providing service to at least one woman in the period 21 November 2019to 30 June 2020
  4. Consider that they should have been allocated a different BC payment category
  5. Have not already accepted and been paid a BC payment.

If you did not receive a BC Offer, but think that you meet the Criteria please email us at with your name and registration number outlining why you consider you qualify.

The latest date for a midwife to seek a Review, by signing and returning the Response Form in the BC Offer to the Ministry, is 1 June 2020.

Allocation of  BC Categories

The first four BC Categories are based on the number of valid LMC Registration Forms received by Sector Operations from each midwife in the ‘snapshot’ period. This ‘snapshot’ period is the period between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019.

The following will not be included in the BC Category ‘count’:

  • LMC Registration Forms received by Sector Operations outside the snapshot period
  • LMC Registration Forms received by Sector Operations within the snapshot period that were not valid / were rejected
  • more than one LMC Registration Form per LMC for the same woman’s pregnancy
  • any backup or other services that did not involve submission of an LMC Registration Form by the midwife performing those services.

There can however be multiple LMC Registration Forms per woman if there has been a change of LMC. Each of those individual LMC’s will have had any valid LMC Registration Form received by Sector Operations in the snapshot period included in their BC Category count.

Step Number

Party Responsible

Description of action required

Steps in the Review Process

Step 1


Complete ‘Option 2 – Review’ in the Response Form (the last page of the BC Offer) then sign and return the Response Form to the Ministry by email to

Step 2


Will send a Review Template by email to the midwife who requested the review, including details of:

  • The number of qualifying LMC Registrations the Ministry included in that midwife's BC allocation
  • The date those LMC Registrations were received by Sector Operations
  • The ‘due date’ of the woman associated with the LMC Registration (if there is one recorded).

The Review Template will also outline what information the midwife needs to send to the Ministry to support their request for review.

Step 3


The Midwife should review the information on registrations in their name supplied by the Ministry in the Review Template and decide if they accept the BC category they have been allocated to or wish to continue with the Review.

Step 4A OR


If the Midwife decides to accept the BC category as per the original BC Offer, the midwife should sign and return the Review Template to the Ministry.

Step 4B


If the midwife wishes to continue with the Review Process the midwife must take the following steps within 30 Working Days of receipt of the Review Template:

  • Identify additional valid LMC Registrations submitted by them in the snapshot period
  • Complete the necessary details on the Review Form and provide copies of each of the relevant LMC Registration Forms that were not included in the BC category count
  • Send the completed Review Template, including description of any special circumstances that may apply, to the Ministry by email to
  • Ensure that any personal or health information (including NHI details) is forwarded to the Ministry in a secure manner.  We will send you instructions on how to do this.


  • If the midwife considers that they should have been placed in the Graduate Category they should indicate this on the Review Template.
  • The Ministry will check this request against information in our records and those of the Midwifery Council of New Zealand

If a midwife does not return the completed Review Template within 30 Working Days of receipt from the Ministry, the midwife will be deemed to have accepted the original BC Offer.

Step 5A


If the returned Review Template accepts the original BC Offer or no Review Template is received within 30 Working Days, the Ministry will make payment of the BC Offer amount to the midwife in the next BC payment round.

This payment by the Ministry will be full and final settlement of any claim by the midwife to the BC payment.

Step 5B


If the Review Template confirms the midwife wishes to proceed with the Review Process the Ministry will then consider the information the midwife has provided in the Review Template.

  • If the Ministry determines that the BC category should be changed it will then arrange to make the appropriate BC payment amount in the next BC payment round and advise the midwife of this by email.
  • If the Ministry determines that the BC category in the BC Offer letter will not be changed it will write and tell the midwife that the request for recategorisation is declined and will make payment of the amount in the original BC Offer in the next BC payment round.

The Ministry Review decision is final and may not be further reviewed. Payment by the Ministry will be full and final settlement of any claim by the midwife to the BC payment.

Note that any BC payment will be made to the account Sector Operations usually uses to make payment to the midwife under the Notice Authorisation. The Ministry is not able to pay into other bank accounts.

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