International Year of the Midwife

2020 is the International Year of the Midwife!

It’s the year to celebrate midwives in New Zealand and around the world.

Midwives are at the birth of every baby in Aotearoa New Zealand; in homes, in primary maternity units; in hospitals. Alongside women, partners and whanau, wise companions on a universal journey that begins with the birth of a baby.

For that reason, we are celebrating midwives and what better time to do it!

Midwives play a vital role in New Zealand’s healthcare.

Not only do we want to celebrate midwives and let New Zealanders know more about the profession, but we are also using 2020 to showcase midwifery as an incredibly worthwhile and rewarding career choice.

Throughout the year, there will be a concerted push to promote midwifery in NZ, upskill and inform people about aspects of midwifery; and push for more education and employment options for the midwifery workforce.

What to watch out for in 2020

Over the coming weeks and months, as part of our continued celebration of 2020 as the International Year of the Midwife, you’ll see a number of stories appearing here. Around the country, New Zealanders will be celebrating the International Year of the Midwife in their own way and at events that people may be planning. Watch this space!

Celebrate your midwife

Showcase the first baby born in your region on 1 January 2020 under the care of a midwife. Share your birth stories and photographs of the mother and baby with their midwives. 

The photographs of the first baby born in New Zealand will be shared across the globe to celebrate 2020 International Year of the Midwife. 

Send your identified photos and stories to

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