Home support services

District health boards fund services that enable older people to be supported to live in their own homes. Home support services give older people the ability to make choices in later life about where they want to live, and to receive the support to do so.

The Ministry of Health’s work programme includes a focus on the development of home and community support services for older people while working to improve health outcomes for older people. An important aspect of this is development of a continuum of care approach for older peoples’ support services, and a greater emphasis on development of home and community-based services.


Needs Assessment and Support Services for Older People: What you need to know
This booklet provides information to older people and their families and whānau on how to access needs assessment and home support services.

What you can expect from home support services
Brochure on home support services, how to involve family in your home support plan and how to improve home support services.

What to do if you have a concern about home support services
Brochure on how to raise a concern or make a complaint about home support services.

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