interRAI annual reports

2019/20 InterRAI Annual Report

The annual report reflects the challenges and opportunities presented to our organisation by the pandemic. It also showcases some of our most significant non-pandemic work and outcomes, events and initiatives.

The report contains rich insights gleaned from interRAI data that will be of interest to researchers and policy-makers.

2017/18 InterRAI Annual Report

InterRAI New Zealand has recently published its Annual Report 2017/18. The report includes feature articles on first data from the Palliative Care assessment; the quality of interRAI data; interRAI Quality Indicators for measuring the quality of care; and, interradii’s “quality of life” wellbeing measures:

2016/17 interRAI Annual Report

interRAI is a suite of comprehensive clinical assessment tools. The suite of instruments is built on a core set of assessment items that are considered important in all care settings.

All district health boards (DHBs) have been using interRAI for assessing older people’s needs for home and community support services since 2012, and since July 2015 in aged residential care.

Each tool in the interRAI suite is developed for a specific population. The tools are standardised assessments designed to work together to form an integrated health information system, the primary purpose being to improve care planning for each individual.

Data from each assessment may be aggregated to provide information at facility, regional and national level.

Achievements in 2016/17

The 2016/17 Annual Report gives an overview of assessments completed in the year and the achievements of interRAI New Zealand.

Focus on dementia

Our special focus was on people with dementia who are living at home. The report shows information about this population group gained from interRAI assessments, for example, demographics, wellbeing and clinical data about the person as well as their carer.

A case study of a registered nurse using interRAI

The case study of a registered nurse working at an aged residential care facility highlights how interRAI is used at this facility, how to access data about residents and the facility, and how to interpret this data.

2015/16 National interRAI Data Analysis Annual Report

The 2015/16 National interRAI Data Analysis Annual Report provides a high level overview of interRAI assessments in New Zealand from a national perspective and provides useful insight into the health and general wellbeing of people across care settings in our communities.

This was the second report in a series of annual reports from interRAI assessments since interRAI became the primary assessment tool for aged residential care in July 2015.

In 2015/16, interRAI assessments represented about ten percent of the New Zealand population aged 65 and over.

2014/15 National interRAI Data Analysis Annual Report

The 2014/15 National interRAI Data Analysis Annual Report was the first major publication of the interRAI National Data Analysis and Reporting Centre since its establishment in July 2015.

For the first time it was possible, for a large variety of stakeholders in the aged care sector, to freely and publicly access interRAI data and information at an aggregated level from a national perspective.

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