Well Child Tamariki Ora Review

Latest information and updates about the Well Child Tamariki Ora Review.

Making Well Child Tamariki Ora more flexible

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield wrote to DHB chief executives in November 2018 to outline his commitment to Well Child Tamariki Ora and note his intention to review the programme, ensuring its sustainability. The Review is an important tool to increase equity as it will identify resource gaps within the current Well Child Tamariki Ora programme while giving children and their whānau more flexibility and choice.

The Review will help the health system identify what’s working in Well Child Tamariki Ora, what it is that we can improve. It is being co-led by DHBs and Māori, with input from Well Child Tamariki Ora providers and other Government agencies.

Improving child wellbeing

Making Aotearoa New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child is a top priority for the Government. The health system is well-placed to contribute to achieving this, by providing services which keep children healthy and identifying and addressing issues at an early stage. This gives all children the foundation upon which to thrive socially, emotionally and developmentally.

As Well Child Tamariki Ora delivers universal health care to children in Aotearoa New Zealand, the programme is set to be the health system’s main contribution to the Government’s work to improve child wellbeing. The Review will make sure Well Child Tamariki Ora is well resourced and placed for this important work.

The Review will strengthen Well Child Tamariki Ora by:

  1. Improving sustainability and performance of the Well Child Tamariki Ora service
  2. Driving equitable health and development outcomes for children
  3. Enabling Well Child Tamariki Ora to more effectively contribute to wider child wellbeing
  4. Ensuring value for money.

An important part of the review is looking at how Well Child Tamariki Ora can better meet the needs of children’s whānau, caregivers and wider communities, as this will empower children to thrive.

Scope of the Review

Interim recommendations from the Review are due in December 2019. This ensures all stakeholders can engage with the Review and that the Review’s findings are rigorous and thorough

The review will make Well Child Tamariki Ora more sustainable, equitable, accessible to all, capable of delivering measurable outcomes, and flexible to adapt to future needs, through four specific elements.

  1. Well Child Tamariki Ora Schedule – opportunities for improving the timing and content of Well Child Tamariki Ora contacts. This includes the Ministries of Health and Education working to align and integrate services to enhance school readiness.
  2. Equity – addressing current access and outcome inequities and looking at opportunities to introduce a more proportionate response to address light to intensive needs while offering more choice when it comes to mode of delivery.
  3. Funding and contracting – development of a funding formula to ensure fair allocation of funding across the service, and an outcome-based contracting framework that supports funding transfers between providers based on consumer demand and that can adapt.
  4. Data and insights – the Well Child Tamariki Ora programme has the potential to provide rich information about child wellbeing in the early years. The Review will look at the development of a national database and collection to include in the Integrated Data Infrastructure. 

Keeping you informed

The Ministry of Health sees the Review as a positive opportunity to enhance the services the health system is providing to families in Aotearoa New Zealand, and will ensure stakeholders are kept-up-to-date throughout the review process.

Please email the Well Child Tamariki Ora Review Team if you want to find out more about the review process.

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