Life stages

This section contains information on health during specific life stages, as listed below.

In this section

  • Information on the Maternity Clinical Guidelines, the Primary Maternity Services Notice (Section 88) and other maternity-related publications. Read more
  • Advice for health practitioners on supporting women to breastfeed, information on the peer support programme, and breastfeeding-related publications. Read more
  • Information for child health service providers, covering Well Child/Tamariki Ora services, the B4 School Check, youth mentoring and more. Read more
  • Youth health and wellbeing focuses on the healthy development of young people, aged between 12–24 years. Read more
  • Information for older people, policy makers, service funders, planners and providers. Read more
  • An introduction to palliative care, including the New Zealand Palliative Care Strategy and the Palliative Care Advisory Group. Read more
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