Training courses available for non-medical purposes

The Office of Radiation Safety (ORS) is not an authority body that approves radiation safety related training courses in New Zealand. Therefore, we are not responsible for the performance or qualifications of the individual trainers who are listed on this website. By distributing this list, we intend to help managing entities who are required to ensure radiation safety training requirements are met in accordance to the Radiation Safety Act 2016 (the Act), the Radiation Safety Regulations 2016 and the Codes of Practice issued under the Act. It is not our intention to be commercially disadvantageous to certain parties in this sector by disseminating this list.

If you have any questions about each training course, please direct your emails to providers who are on this list.

If you wish to be listed as a training provider, please contact us at

Licensee Training for use of Industrial Gauges containing Radioactive Sources / X-ray apparatus / X-ray inspection systems based on accelerator technology / Industrial Processing (Sealed Source Irradiators) and Security
GNS Science
Contact: Gavin Wallace
T: 04 564 8180
M: 021 036 5695

NDM Training Course / Sealed Source Irradiators / Inspection and Security / Analysis and  Industrial Gauging
Civiltrain (NZ) Ltd
Contact: Stuart Moulding
M: 021 434 202

NDM Training Course / XRF including portable XRF
Groundtest Equipment
Contact: Richard Burden
T: 09 634 1509

Radiation Safety for Industrial Gauging, Transport of Radiation Material, Radiation Protection Officer
Contact: Marilen Espinoza
T: 03 351 6019

Radiation Safety training for Radioactive Materials in Veterinary Clinics 
Roentgen Analytical Limited
Contact: Andrew Blair 
M: 027 555 2999

Radiation Safety Training for Radioactive Materials in Veterinary Clinics  
Health Physics Services Ltd
Contact: Brian Lunt
T: 09 213 3309    
M: 021 774760

Handheld and portable XRF training
Olympus New Zealand
Contact: Faizal Sahib
T: 508 659 6787
M: 021 847 029

Handheld and portable XRF training
Portable Spectral Services Australia/New Zealand
Contact: Acacia Cherry
T: +61 9321 2830

Radiation Safety for the NZ Civil Engineering Industry including correspondence course
Geotechnics Ltd
Contact: Brigitte Sargent
T: 05 822 3444

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