Licences to use radiation for non-medical purposes

Licences may be granted for the following non-medical purposes:

  • veterinary – including therapy involving unsealed radioactive material
  • industrial – including industrial radiography, industrial gauging, x-ray analysis, industrial processing, electron beam welding, waste conditioning, quality control and safety testing, x-ray security and inspection, x-ray fluorescence, inspection (particle accelerators) and glass manufacture
  • scientific – including pathology tests, scientific practice, use of research particle accelerators
  • regulatory – including compliance monitoring and emergency response
  • general – including demonstration and education, installation and servicing.
    Cores of knowledge set out the basic level of radiation safety knowledge an applicant must demonstrate to be granted a licence. The Office of Radiation Safety has recognised courses for the delivery of training requirements listed on Recognised Core of Knowledge training providers.

See also the superseded Codes of safe practice according to the Radiation Protection Act 1965 for radiation use.

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