Radiation service providers

Many service providers provide important support services to the radiation sector. In some cases, those service providers are involved in the use of ionising radiation and must therefore obtain a licence. In other cases, the services provided do not require providers to obtain a licence. In this section you will learn the requirements for service providers.

Installing and servicing radiation equipment

Managing entities and users of ionising radiation must ensure that equipment is properly installed and regularly serviced by appropriately qualified personnel. This obligation is outlined in the relevant code of practice issued by the Office of Radiation Safety.

The installation and servicing of equipment involves the use of that equipment. This means that installation and servicing engineers must obtain a user licence.

Calibrating radiation measuring equipment

Equipment that is used to measure radiation must be calibrated regularly to ensure it is accurate.

Equipment that is likely to need calibration includes:

  • diagnostic x-ray dosimeters
  • non-invasive kVp meters
  • radiation survey meters
  • radiotherapy dosimeters.

The codes of practice issued under the Radiation Safety Act 2016 require persons or organisations that manage or control radiation sources to ensure that equipment used to measure radiation remains accurate and is calibrated at specified frequencies.

Personal dosimetry services

Personal dosimetry services measure the occupational radiation dose absorbed by people who are exposed to ionising radiation in the course of their work.

The codes of practice issued under the Radiation Safety Act 2016 specify the following:

  • monitoring and measurement requirements for managing entities
  • those who must be monitored who must be monitored
  • requirements for commercial services that provide dosimeters and monitoring services.

The following service providers have been made known to the Office of Radiation Safety and supply ISO/IEC 17025 certified services (listed in alphabetical order):

Global Medical Solutions (GMS)
6/517 Mt Wellington HWY
Auckland 1060
New Zealand
Email: [email protected] 

Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR)
Christchurch Science Centre:
27 Creyke Road, Ilam
Christchurch 8041
New Zealand
Email: [email protected] 

303 Manukau Road, Epsom
New Zealand
Email: [email protected]

Radiation Protection Services Limited (RADPRO)
PO Box 79128, Avonhead
Christchurch 8446
Email: [email protected]


The Office of Radiation Safety (ORS) is not a certifying body for radiation safety related services in New Zealand. However, it is our intention to help managing entities who are required to engage with external services to comply with the Radiation Safety Act 2016, Radiation Safety Regulations 2016 and the codes of practice.

It is not our intention to be commercially disadvantageous by publishing certain services. If you have any questions about listed services, please contact providers directly. If you wish to be listed as an available external service, please contact ORS at [email protected].

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