Source licences and fees

Section 13 of the Radiation Safety Act 2016 provides that no person may manage, control, possess or manufacture radiation sources without a source licence. These licences are issued by the Director for Radiation Safety.

Types of source licence categories and fees

Schedule 2 of the Radiation Safety Regulation 2016 sets out compliance monitoring categories and corresponding inspection periods for specific activities involving the use of radiation sources. Applicants must choose the correct category and when applying for a source licence.

Annual fees per category are prescribed in regulation 15 of the Radiation Safety Regulations 2016. The fees are payable for each location (or sub-location) from which the applicant will manage or control radiation sources under a source licence. More details can be found in the regulation. The maximum licensing term for a source license is 3 years.

The table below is provided to help applicants decide the most suitable source licence category for their practice. The examples in the table are informative only. Depending on the risk profile associated with the proposed activities and types of radiation sources, the Director may suggest a different category per location or impose conditions on a source licence that the Director considers appropriate.

Once a source licence granted for a certain category, facilities under the source licence will be inspected according to the corresponding inspection period.

Table – Source licence categories and fees (Examples - informative only)
Category Examples of activity and source type Annual fee (GST inclusive) Inspection period (years)
Medical 1 Medical therapy
  • Medical linear accelerators
  • High dose brachytherapy


Medical 2 Medical or dental diagnosis
  • Diagnostic and interventional radiology equipment including cone beam computed tomography
$825.70 2
Medical 3 Nuclear medicine
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Unsealed materials to diagnose or treat disease
$825.70 2
Medical 4 Medical diagnosis (excluding interventional radiology, computed tomography, and the use of unsealed radioactive material)
  • X-ray radiology equipment
$485.30 4
Medical 5 Dental diagnosis (excluding cone beam computed tomography)
  • Dental x-ray radiology equipment
$415.15 5
Medical 6 Other medical categories
  • Sentinel node biopsy
  • Low dose brachytherapy
  • Bone densitometry
$415.15 5
Non-medical 1 Industrial radiography and any non-medical practice involving high-activity radioactive material
  • Industrial radiography
  • Industrial gamma sterilisation
  • Scientific research or other activities with high activity radioactive material
  • Blood irradiation
$1505.35 1
Non-medical 2 Production of unsealed radioactive material using a cyclotron $1505.35 1
Non-medical 3 Irradiating apparatus or low activity sealed or unsealed sources used for:
  • Well logging
  • Veterinary treatment with Iodine 131
$825.70 2
Non-medical 4 Irradiating apparatus or low activity sealed sources
  • Density, thickness or level gauges such as nuclear soil/moisture density meters


Non-medical 5 Veterinary diagnosis only $485.30 4
Non-medical 6 Irradiating apparatus or low activity sealed sources
  • X-ray analysis or inspection equipment
  • Static elimination
  • Bone densitometers
  • Hand-held XRFs
  • Installation and servicing
  • Other activities associated with the use of low-activity sources
$415.15 5

How to apply

Please send your source application form to us at or mail to the address below if necessary. Submission by email is our preferred option.

Office of Radiation Safety
Ministry of Health
PO Box 5013
Wellington 6140

Applications go through our screening process, and an invoice will be emailed if no further information is required. The screening process usually takes 3 to 5 working days after the receipt of your application.

It is recommended that you start your application process at least 4 weeks in advance.

Forms per category can be downloaded from below.

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