Get involved in the NTA Policy review

Ways that you can get involved in the review of the National Travel Assistance Policy.

14 February update

Survey for patients, supporters and other NTA Scheme users: Our survey will be closing on 28 February 2018. Thank you to everyone has taken the time to do an entry. We will make the results available on the website by the end of March 2018.

Why we want your input

We would like to make the review of the National Travel Assistance (NTA) Policy as focused on the patients, and finding real, practical solutions to issues, as possible. 

We are providing multiple ways through which people can have input. These include:

Survey now open

Who can complete the survey:

The survey is open to anyone who has used the National Travel Assistance (NTA) Scheme, supported a patient, or who works with the Scheme.

Completing the survey will help us to improve the NTA Scheme by providing us with a range of views about:

  • how people currently experience the NTA
  • what the needs of people who travel for treatment are, and
  • what improvements could be made to the Scheme.

We enourage you to circulate this survey amongst your networks, or to people you know who have an important view to contribute.


The survey will be open until the Review begins to start drafting recommendations for improvements to the Scheme. This will be in approximately February 2018 and advertised well in advance.

Complete the survey:

There are two versions of the survey. One is for patients and their support people using the NTA Scheme. The other is for professionals and organisations who work with the NTA. You can complete the survey on the SurveyMonkey website:

If you are unable to complete the form online, download and print out a copy:

Return your completed survey by:


National Travel Assistance Policy Review
c/o Kimberly Gilmore
Ministry of Health
P.O. Box 5013
Wellington 6140

Your privacy:

What to expect from us when you voluntarily provide personal information: Read our privacy statement about information you provide us.

Other opportunities

The Ministry's project team will be looking for opportunities to engage with stakeholder groups (particularly patients, Māori, Pacific, and rural people) where more detailed input is needed, or a desire for more engagement is expressed. If you want to get in touch, email the project team:

Tell us what you think

If you want to submit information, provide feedback or make enquiries you can email the project team:

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