Elective services and how DHBs are performing

District Health Boards (DHBs) have certain requirements for providing Elective services.

How well they are meeting those requirements is measured in two ways:

  • How many patients are they treating and discharging (measured against their Electives health targets).
  • How well are their patients managed as they move through the Electives system, as monitored by Elective Services Patient Flow Indicators (ESPIs).

Patient Flow Indicators (ESPIs)

As a patient moves through the Electives system there are a number of key decision/indicator points – from when the person is first referred for specialist assessment, through to when decisions are made about whether or not assessment and treatment will be given, to the point when the patient returns to the care of their GP (or primary care provider). The Elective Services Patient Flow Indicators (ESPIs) measure whether DHBs are meeting the required performance standard at each of those points.

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