Māori workforce service forecast

This report by Reanga Consultancy New Zealand Ltd looked at how to deliver health equality for Māori and a workforce that demonstrates cultural competence. It is one of a number of forecasts commissioned by Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) to build a picture of the future health and disability workforce.

Recommendations included:

  • clinical and cultural competence are inseparable
  • greater integration of Māori cultural competence will enhance Māori engagement and access to health care
  • set up a Māori workforce development centre of excellence.

The recommendations represent the views of the steering group and the wider Māori workforce sector. The forecast should be considered as part of a number of sector views and publications that propose delivering better health care and preparing a workforce that demonstrates cultural competence for Māori and Whānau.

Health Workforce New Zealand, along with representatives across the Ministry of Health, is considering how to enhance coordination of Māori workforce activities.

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