Aged care workforce service forecast

Lead: Dr Ray Naden

This report looked at factors that impact on the health of older people, the relationships between these factors, and how to reduce an unsustainable increase in demand for aged residential care and hospital admissions. It is one of a number of forecasts commissioned by Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) to build a picture of the future health and disability workforce.

Recommendations included:

  • improvements needed in preventive and rehabilitative care
  • more clinicians working in community and primary care settings.

Health Workforce New Zealand also helped run a demonstration of the role of Nurse practitioner in aged care, working with residential facilities. This was in response to a GP shortage in the MidCentral region.

Another demonstration is underway into the role of Gerontology nurse specialist in primary care. We have also added aged care as a specialty in the Voluntary Bonding Scheme.

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