Workforce service forecasts

Reports into what future health workforces will look like in key areas such as aged care, diabetes and mental health

Demand for services is rising rapidly. But there are contraints on finances, and a shortage of skilled professionals in some areas and health-related occupations. So small groups of clinicians built a picture of the health workforce in 2020, supported by Health Workforce New Zealand.

The aim was to think innovatively about how high quality services could be delivered for all New Zealand communities. Findings have led to piloting new roles at demonstration sites and developing regional clinical networks to share resources.

Some clear themes emerged from the forecasts, including:

  • making better use of the existing workforce by developing new roles and extending existing roles
  • focusing on prevention, rehabilitation and self-care as resouces shift from hospital to community
  • harnessing the potential of IT, including telemedicine.

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