Workforce publications

Publications relating to New Zealand's health and disability workforce.


  • Published 30 May 2011
    This report identifies 65 separate district nursing services offering a wide range of home, clinic, and community-based health care services usually seven days a week. Preventing hospital admissions and enabling early discharge are the main focus of the services.
  • Published 30 May 2011
    This report highlights the range of creative and responsive district nursing service delivery models. The report goes deeper into four case studies demonstrating how district nurses work providing care to help patients transition across hospital and home boundaries. Moving services closer to the patients, collaborating with providers, and co-locating nurses with other community teams are common themes.
  • Published 02 March 2011
    This research report presents information on the status of the Māori dental therapy workforce, and analyses the needs of this workforce over the next eight years. The research takes into account: 0-17 year-old Māori population projections; oral health service requirements; the supply of Māori dental therapists; educational pathways to dental therapy; and the dental therapy working environment.
  • Published 02 November 2010
    There is a link between nurse staffing, in terms of hours and skill mix, and certain patient outcomes. They are identified as outcomes potentially sensitive to nursing care (OPSNs). This literature review sees whether there is evidence that the cost of OPSNs can be quantified.
  • Published 02 November 2010
    This publication is designed to be used in conjunction with training workshops provided by the New Zealand Association of Opioid Treatment Providers. Its purpose is to provide a national standard for effective and responsive service delivery and to ensure that the skills and attitudes used by the workforce are enhanced to meet the specific needs of clients receiving opioid substitution treatment
  • Published 02 October 2010
    The Faiva Ora 2010–2013 National Pasifika Disability Plan sets out Government priority focus areas for Pacific disability from 2010 to 2013.
  • Published 02 September 2010
    This paper discusses how the projected increase in Māori population impacts on Māori demand for health services over the next 10 to 20 years, and looks specifically at the demands on the Māori medical workforce.
  • Published 02 August 2010
    This study uses the results of a literature review and data from nine New Zealand primary care practices, including general practitioner (GP) and nurse diaries recording details of more than 2000 consultations, to develop a model estimating the financial impact of task substitution between nurses and GPs. Data were collected between July and November 2009.
  • Published 02 July 2010
    This document explains credentialling for all health professionals, the definition of credentialling, and the credentialling process. 
  • Published 02 July 2010
    Submissions are invited on proposed changes to enable suitably qualified nurses working in diabetes services to prescribe a limited range of medicines for people with diabetes. Regulatory changes will be required to enable this prescribing to take place.
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