Voluntary Bonding Scheme – 2020 intake information

The 2020 Intake Registration of Interest (ROI) period is not yet open.

Information regarding the 2020 intake’s eligible health professions, specialties and communities, and eligibility criteria, will become available on this website in due course.

The eligible professions, specialties and communities for the 2020 intake are anticipated to be released on this website and notified to the sector in the next several months. 

The 2020 intake's 6-week registration period is anticipated to open on this web-page early in the new year, probably February or March. Registrations must be received within the 6-week registration period, and late registrations generally cannot be considered.

Full 2020 Terms and Conditions will be uploaded to our website before the registration period opens.

Please do not hesitate to make contact (vbs@health.govt.nz) should you have any queries or comments regarding the Scheme.

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