Investing in New Zealand’s Future Health Workforce

Health Workforce New Zealand’s (HWNZ) funding of post-entry workforce training is an important means of giving the health workforce the essential knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications to provide care that meets changing population health needs in a changing world. To ensure the health workforce can help achieve the best outcomes for all New Zealanders in the future, HWNZ needs to adapt its funding model: from one that passively subsidises training costs to meet current service needs to one that strategically invests in training to meet future health needs.


HWNZ has been working with the district health boards’ (DHBs) Workforce Strategy Group to design a new approach. The proposed new approach was outlined in Investing in New Zealand’s Future Health Workforce: Post-entry training of New Zealand’s future health workforce: Proposed investment approach (Word, 2 MB).

We consulted on the document with the health and education sectors during the first half of 2017. Submissions closed on 19 May 2017. For analysis of submissions and updates, go the section Post-entry Funding Model: submissions and updates.

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