Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce

HWNZ and Careerforce’s development of the five-year action plan, co-created with input from multiple key stakeholders from across the health/ disability sectors, continues to  progress towards the 20 year vision.

The draft actions were developed, tested, agreed and published in October 2015. 

A Taskforce provides oversight and expert advice to a number of workstreams and facilitates links with local, regional and national networks to gain input into the plan. 

As at April 2017, ten actions have been completed of the 56 actions. Completion means that the action is implemented to the point that it has become embedded as part of business as usual, or that the mechanism/ system has been developed and is available for uptake by providers and/ or kaiāwhina and/ or clients. In addition, there are 36 actions at implementation stage.

Activity to support the actions is occurring in many different settings throughout the sector. The Workforce in Action website is showcasing implementation stories and provides regular updates as momentum builds and the actions progress.

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