Current work of the Taskforce

How the Taskforce supports the Allied Health, Science and Technical workforces, and its current focus.

Focus of work

With over 40 professions, the allied health workforces are a diverse group of highly skilled professionals who provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to clients. Some workforces are small in number and maintaining New Zealand-based training programmes is challenging.  Moreover, the smaller workforces are also prone to extreme/ significant peaks and troughs in supply and demand.

The Taskforce continues to support the Allied Health, Science and Technical workforces to ensure that Health Practitioners are qualified and available/ capable to support the health system of the future and has a focus on:

  • recruitment and retention
  • education and training
  • data, intelligence and information.

2017 programme

During 2017, the Taskforce will continue to:

  • address shortages in sonography and vulnerability of the medical physicist workforce
  • focus on laboratory pathology, given its importance for bowel screening
  • ensure increased access to hearing testing and hearing aid fitting through development of audiometrists scope of practice in conjunction with audiometrists and audiologists
  • improve access to early glaucoma diagnosis through promoting improved cooperation between optometrists and ophthalmologists
  • develop allied health workforce profiles  – similar to the Medical Specialty Factsheets to increase visibility of the workforce and provide those considering a career in allied health, with the necessary information to aid career decision making.
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