Asset management and analysis

The National Asset Management Programme (NAMP) was commissioned in 2017 to examine the condition of major health facilities in New Zealand.

It was part of a government-wide focus to improve capital funding decisions, capital investment plans and asset management, and to ensure investments deliver the best value for New Zealanders.

The current state assessment of DHB assets was published in June 2020 and confirmed the poor state of much of our health infrastructure.

The findings of that report are now being used to inform decisions on capital investments proposed by DHBs, and support a range of HIU work programmes. These include developing the District Health Board Sector Asset Management Framework, published in November 2020.

Funding was made available in Budget 2021 for asset management work, including projects to:

  • develop a national Asset Management Policy and Strategy
  • develop guidance on seismic assessments for buildings and review existing detailed seismic assessments.
  • support DHBs in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving carbon zero targets.

The HIU is also developing a long-term investment strategy to help make better decisions about how we invest in New Zealand’s health infrastructure, and establishing a design authority to deliver national facility design standards.

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