Health Infrastructure Unit (HIU)

The Health Infrastructure Unit (HIU) supports DHBs in managing and upgrading capital assets, and leads health capital investment management for the sector.

The HIU was established in 2019 to lead health investment by planning, prioritising and monitoring infrastructure projects, and standardising the way projects are designed and delivered.

This includes asset management and analysis, forecasting demand for health services and infrastructure, monitoring projects run by DHBs, and long-term investment strategy and planning.

New Zealand’s health property portfolio is valued at $24 billion. Around $4.2 billion has been invested in health infrastructure since 2018.

The HIU supports DHBs in more than 100 capital projects currently under way.

We also lead several major redevelopments:

The Mental Health Infrastructure Programme supports 16 capital projects to improve mental health facilities around New Zealand.

National Asset Management Programme (NAMP)

The National Asset Management Programme was commissioned in 2017 to examine the condition of major health facilities in New Zealand, and inform decisions on capital investments proposed by DHBs.

The current state assessment of DHB assets, published in June 2020, confirmed the poor state of our health infrastructure.

The findings of that report are being used to support a range of HIU work programmes, such as developing a pipeline of investment.

More about health infrastructure asset management.

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