Evaluation of the Northland DHB Prioritisation Policy Whanau Ora HIA

This process and impact evaluation of the whānau ora health impact assessment (WOHIA) of its Prioritisation Policy (2005) was prepared by Quigley and Watts.

The evaluation found that the WOHIA team clearly scoped the WOHIA and used a clear, transparent and robust process. There appeared to have been good leadership and generally good communication throughout the whole process. Intersectoral partners and DHB staff were engaged and relationships were strengthened as a result. In addition, knowledge about WOHIA and the Prioritisation Policy itself was increased among those participants. Capability to do WOHIA was also increased amongst the core WOHIA team and some members of the Public Health Unit. All of the aims were met as much as they could be within the restraints of this WOHIA ie, the DHB could not consult as widely as other WOHIA’s have done because of the political nature of the policy and its wider ramifications.

This WOHIA has been particularly valuable for Northland DHB in relation to increased knowledge and capacity for DHB staff and general buy-in to the WOHIA process particularly from senior management. It was also valuable for stakeholders who expressed their satisfaction with the process in their evaluation forms. The WOHIA is also valuable for other DHBs who can use the evidence to inform the revision of their own prioritisation policies. As for the community, the effects will become apparent once the Prioritisation Policy has been redeveloped and the effects have had time to filter down and to improve whānau ora.

Overall, this WOHIA has been valuable for many groups and sets a strong foundation for not only the redevelopment of the Prioritisation Policy but for future WOHIA’s in Northland.

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