Tokoroa Warm Homes Clean Air Project HIA

This report outlines key findings from a Health and Well-being Impact Assessment conducted in Tokoroa during 2008 as part of the Tokoroa Warm Homes Clean Air (TWHCA) Project.

The HIA considers the potential impacts – positive and negative - of proposed air quality policy currently being developed by Environment Waikato on cultural, community, socio-economic and environmental well-being in Tokoroa.

The 57 recommendations emerging from the HIA are divided into recommendations relating to regional policy development; decision-making processes; partnership and participation processes; policy implementation; and monitoring and evaluation. A reflection on project progress, focussing on resources, community engagement and policy effectiveness since this HIA is provided in Section 7 of the report.

Environment Waikato is undertaking a technical peer review that will enable them to register the HIA report as a technical report (publicly accessible doc that would be added to national archives database). We will replace the version on the HIA webpage with the accredited technical report when it becomes available.

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