Northland DHB Prioritisation Policy Whānau Ora HIA

Northland DHB (NDHB) has undertaken a Whānau Ora Health Impact Assessment (WOHIA) of its existing Prioritisation Policy, with a view to developing a new Prioritisation Policy.

District Health Boards are required to carry out principles-based prioritisation processes in order to meet the objectives of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000.

The key decisions that the WOHIA is intended to inform are:

  1. whether or not a new Prioritisation Policy should be developed
  2. the key features, content and implementation of the redeveloped policy.

The focus of the WOHIA was on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current prioritisation policy from a Māori health and population health perspective, and developing robust recommendations for its redevelopment.

The three person project team responsible for conducting the WOHIA was supported by an intersectoral WOHIA Steering Group and Northland DHB’s Senior Management Group. Quigley and Watts Ltd provided mentoring, and evaluation support.

From the WOHIA findings there is strong evidence to support the redevelopment of NDHB’s prioritisation policy and tools to include the wider principles of whānau ora and a wider inequalities agenda.

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