Nelson-Marlborough Arterial Traffic Study Health Impact Assessment

In 2010, the Nelson City Council commissioned a study into the effects of arterial traffic flows to determine the best transport configuration between Annesbrook and the QEII/Haven Rd roundabouts that will improve the city as a whole in the long term.

The study had four distinct stages:

Stage 1: Evaluation of existing arterial traffic routes: present and future conditions

Stage 2: Selection of best arterial route options

Stage 3: Evaluation of best arterial route options

Stage 4: Determination of preferred arterial transport configuration and comparison with existing arterial traffic routes

The Stage 3 report summarises the traffic modelling results; discusses the economic evaluation and funding assessment; details the consultation undertaken after the Stage 2 report; and provides an assessment of each of the four proposed arterial route options against criteria including: economics, noise, social impact, air quality, water quality and aquatic ecology, heritage, cultural (iwi)

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (NMDHB) contributed to the Stage Three work with an independent Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on the four options shortlisted in Stage 2 of the Arterial Traffic Study and, because Public Transport (PT) and Travel Demand Management (TDM), is included in each of the options, provision of this has also been assessed.  The HIA was completed in December 2010.

The health impacts were assessed using the following determinants: community severance, safety, economic impact, noise, physical activity, access to health services and air quality. A simplified summary of the HIA findings is provided in the table below.


Health Impacts

Extent of Impact

Health Inequalities

Mitigation or Enhancement

A: Part time Clearways



Neutral impact

Most impacts can be mitigated

B: Southern Arterial



Increases inequalities

Not all impacts can be mitigated

H: Tahunanui Drive/Rocks Road Four Lanes


Major / Moderate

Neutral impact

Not all impacts can be mitigated

I: Waimea Road/ Rutherford Street Four Lanes


Major / Moderate

Neutral impact

Not all impacts can be mitigated

Public Transport/ Travel Demand Management



Reduces inequalities

Could be enhanced by further investment in active transport

You can read the HIA report on the Health Impact Assessment section of the Arterial Traffic Study on the Nelson City Council website. Once you are on the Arterial Traffic Study page click on the link Arterial Traffic Study reports under the green bicycle; then on the Stage Three Report Evaluation of the four arterial route options under Related Links on the right hand side.  When you are in the Stage Three Report area, scroll down to near the bottom of the page to the HIA section.

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