Maru Wehi Integrated Whānau Ora Centre Plan HIA

A Whānau ora Health Impact Assessment (WOHIA) was undertaken on the Maru Wehi Hauora Integrated Whānau Ora Centre draft plan.

The process was led by Tui Ora Ltd (TOL), assisted by Quigley and Watts Ltd and Velma McClellan (Consultant Evaluator).

The draft plan for the Maru Wehi Hauora Integrated Whānau Ora Centre was at a very early stage of development. The WOHIA represented an early opportunity to assess initial ideas for the proposed centre using an evidence based approach; and to gain input from a range of stakeholders into the planning process before any decisions are set in stone. The WOHIA will also complement and contribute to a bigger piece of work in developing a whānau ora model of care that has a timeframe of two to three years.

The WOHIA makes recommendations for the planning process, the service design and delivery, and the next steps. These include:

  • Commitment to and leadership from the Tui Ora governance and senior management levels for the initial planning and communication strategies, setting the context for change, financial resourcing, expectations, what education and training will be required and timelines.
  • Engagement with other social service providers and bring them into the decision making.
  • Process as early as possible, as multiple integrated services are required to promote whānau ora.
  • Setting up a regional clinical leadership group including Māori providers and kaumatua, and a reference group to assist the clinical leadership group made up of community people for advice or comment on technical aspects that will affect how people will be treated at the centre. This will ensure balance and empowerment of the communities to be involved.
  • Implement an education and training schedule to embed the understanding and competencies required in the new environment.
  • Use of Te Pae Mahutonga, a Māori wellness model, to provide the framework as a guide to ensure the centre is built on Māori cultural values and principles.

The over-all outcomes of the proposed integrated whānau /family centre will be determined by how well we look after the people and include them in the processes. From a Māori perspective we are talking about manaakitanga, aroha and rangatiratanga therefore the WOHIA has helped TOL to achieve this.

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