Manukau Built Form and Spatial Structure Plan HIA Report

This report details the findings of a health impact assessment (HIA) of the Manukau Built Form and Spatial Structure Plan (the BF&SSP).

The HIA was commissioned by Manukau the Healthy City, in late 2008. The HIA was funded by the Ministry of Health’s Learning by Doing Fund, and undertaken by Synergia Ltd, working in partnership with Hapai te Hauora Tapui Ltd.

The BF&SSP is centred on the long term development of the city centre area of Manukau. The HIA explored the potential health issues to address through the implementation of the BF&SSP over time.

The recommendations of the HIA are structured around nine areas:

  • building to a long-term vision
  • relevance to Manukau and its people
  • hubs and attractors
  • service and amenity access
  • design for families and people with disabilities
  • representation and engagement
  • green space and connection with Puhinui
  • infrastructure supporting active transport
  • public transport.

The appraisal report (Part1) provides an overview of this project and health impact assessments (sections 1 and 3); population and health features of Manukau (section 2); background to the BF&SSP (section 4); feedback from consultation workshops held in February and March 2009 (sections 5 and 6); and recommendations for the BF&SSP through this health impact assessment (section 7).

Māori perspectives on urban environments are given in the Appendices to the appraisal report.

The companion documents separately explore a profile of the people of Manukau and their health status (Part 2); findings from a children’s consultative workshop (Part 3); a literature review on urban environments and health (Part 4); and detailed discussion of the scoping phase (Part 5).

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