Mangere Growth Centre Plan HIA

This HIA focused on the implementation of the Mangere Growth Centre plan – a plan linked with Auckland’s Regional Growth Strategy, which aims to better manage population growth in the region.

The HIA was commissioned to be linked with the Counties-Manukau Let’s Beat Diabetes campaign and aimed to highlight aspects of urban design that ‘might contribute to a reduction of obesity levels in the district’. In particular, the HIA examined the proposed regeneration plans for housing and parks within a social housing precinct in Mangere, and the proposed Arts Centre and how they might affect the health and wellbeing of the local population. There was a particular focus on the link between urban design and physical activity/nutrition, along with five other determinants of health: social connectedness, personal and community safety, access to services and employment, housing and community spaces.

The key agencies involved were: Auckland Regional Public Health Service, Manukau City Council, Counties Manukau DHB and Housing New Zealand Corporation. Local community leaders and health workers were also involved on the steering group and in the appraisal process, and contributed to the formulation of the recommendations made in the final report.

The HIA report included a community profile and an evidence review of the links between urban development and health, along with a series of recommendations to the Manukau City Council, Housing New Zealand Corporation and Auckland Regional Public Health Service. These recommendations ranged from high-level policy and practice recommendations (eg, Manukau City Council building regulations around noise standards should be tightened to reflect best practice in the region), to detailed project level suggestions (eg, design of public spaces and social housing in the Housing New Zealand Corporation’s Pershore Precinct should support active living and recreation).

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