Health Impact Assessment of the Cultural and Clinical Nursing Support and Training Programme 2010

This Whānau Ora HIA (a health impact assessment which focuses on Māori populations and strengthening Māori whānau wellbeing) assessed a proposal to establish a cultural and clinical nursing training and support programme which aims to assist the exchange of skills and expertise between specialist practitioner nurses from the DHB provider arm and specialist practitioner nurses working in the community.

The WOHIA was carried out at the request of the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (DHB) and was undertaken by Quigley and Watts Ltd and Katoa Ltd.

The Hawke’s Bay DHB established the programme to create more opportunities for Māori provider nurses and hospital based specialty nurses to share their complementary skills with each other. was explored in this Whānau Ora HIA. The DHB believes there is a need to improve access to health services in the community for people with long term conditions to fully implement the ‘chronic care model’ which recommends care in the community, the health care system and the health-provider organisation - hospital, clinics, or a loose network of physician or community practices. In order to fully implement the chronic care model for Māori patients nurses require specialist skills.

The HIA made recommendations in the areas of preparation required for the training programme; preparation required in other areas to support the training programme; processes and approaches within the training programme and for the relevant systems.

There is also a set of recommendations for the future, around issues such as discharge planning; information technology; expansion into primary care; and involving the Whānau Ora nurses in a training capacity within the DHB ‘cultural training programme’ to bring the Māori patient journey into an already good training programme.

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